Our mission is to be the primary business resource for our clients by providing solutions to all accounting, tax and business consulting needs from inception forward. Our highly trained and experienced staff will adapt to our client's changing needs and assist in the accomplishment of personal and business goals. We will serve our clients with an unparalleled level of quality, reliability and personal attention.

Kauffmann + Associates is committed to maintaining the highest standards of practice. We have been meeting the varied needs and exceeding the expectations of our clients since 1962. Our firm is committed to undergo a peer review every three years by an independent team specially trained and approved by the American Institute of CPA's to evaluate both our quality control and compliance standards. In addition, every professional at our firm completes an annual minimum of 40 hours of continuing education classes covering the spectrum of professional and technical subjects. The time, money and effort we invest to maintain our expertise enables us to provide counsel and technical services.

Kauffmann + Associates will strive to help you find future solutions today. Today's fast changing economy and technology makes running your business a race to keep up with. Staying in touch with our clients, their business and their needs allows us to keep them informed about important changes that may affect their future. We work hard to smooth the way for your business to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and reach its full profit potential.

Our services are designed not only to help you minimize operating expenses and taxes, but also to help you find areas of growth and additional profit. We view our service as an investment in your future.